GWIA is an Integrated Service Provider and a noteworthy SME in Singapore. They provide support services to MNCs and other companies in a close partnership. One of their notable clients is Procter & Gamble (P&G), and they work together at the (P&G) Innovation Centre, Singapore.


GWIA is an Integrated Service Provider and a noteworthy SME in Singapore. They provide in-house support services to MNCs and other companies in a close partnership. One of their notable clients is Procter & Gamble (P&G), and they work together at the (P&G) Innovation Centre, Singapore.

P&G Singapore innovation centre
(Photo: P&G)

GWIA approached us seeking help to find their footing and mark their presence online. At this juncture, GWIA did not have a website publicising its services online.


The term 'Google' has been established for looking up information online, and the bare minimum and the most logical way to set foot online is through a website. That way, whoever is looking up for information related to you has a possibility of finding you.

In this instance, the scope was straightforward: GWIA planned to expand their services to more potential customers, and they needed a website to direct them there.

After the initial contact, one memorable part of this project was the opportunity to visit P&G's innovation centre in Singapore and observe how GWIA supports P&G in some of its activities like,

  • Making small batches of products that P&G is conducting R&D on
  • Plan raw material requirements and manage the warehouse
  • Material preparation and packaging them in test packs

We also had the opportunity to meet various staff members of the GWIA team located in the innovation centre. This visit presented us with some valuable insights into GWIA's business and operation.

Upon reflecting on this visit, we believe it proved to be immensely useful, and we should incorporate this into our future client meetings whenever possible and where applicable. The sheer understanding gained from such a visit outweighs the cost and effort on our part.

Once the visit was over, we followed up with a proposal for the work that needed to be done. Apart from building a website, we were also required to provide copywriting and most digital creatives.

The Work

The structure

Since we were starting on a blank slate, we had to establish the kind of pages required to reflect the business of GWIA accurately.

Those pages came up to:

As you can see, the website was not complex at all.


Once the required pages are flushed out, we then prepared the copy that went into these pages.

The visit to the Innovation Centre became quite handy when we were creating the copy, and more specifically, the 'Services' page. Observing something in work gives a greater understanding, and that was accurate in this instance.

We had some back and forth deciding the copy and appropriate images needed to go along on that page.

We also provided a one-off photography service to take photos of GWIA's staff and use them in the 'People' Page planned earlier.

Website build

The client did not require us to produce a wireframe or mockups because they gave us the freedom to decide on the look and feel of the website. So we took the opportunity to take the lead and produce a suitable design for the business.

GWIA also did not have any brand elements in place except for a logo. We grabbed the colour from the logo and used it as a base colour.

We deliberately kept the overall look neutral and not overly enthusiastic. We used the base colour to derive some variations to use sparingly to highlight specific sections of the website.

Some notable highlights

We created a custom post type to showcase GWIA related news items to be featured on a single page.

This page showcases each update or news item prominently, and the visitors have the ability to click on each item to see more information.

We also set up Google Analytics to gather some information about the visitors that arrive on the website. Data provided by Google Analytics helps us see valuable information like the amount of traffic and the type of visitors who land on the page.

Just for 2020 - 2021, the site has seen an increase in user visits and page views.

User Visits
Page Views



As our usual practice (unlike many agencies out there), all our sites are hosted on Amazon AWS VPS servers. We specifically select the geography of the server to be physically closer to a business's primary customers or audience.

For GWIA, we hosted their website in an AWS VPS server located in Singapore. This provides super-fast load times.


Sometimes clients want to do the maintenance of the website themselves or let us do that for them as an add-on service. In this case, we were also tasked to maintain the website after it had been built.

A website maintenance plan is a set of services that we perform to keep a client's website working in tip-top condition.

Final thoughts

There were very few challenges as the client gave us the most autonomy in deciding many parts of the build and it was a pretty straightforward project.

The only area we had some back and forth on was the copy writing aspect of the website, as this requires accurate representation of the company and its services.

If you'd like your online presence to be built by us, please get in touch for a consultation session.

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