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This was the second time AIRmaker approached us for help with their website, and this project had a pretty tight timeline. From discussion to launch, it took us only ten workings days and some midnight oil.

The familiarity we had with AIRmaker helped a great deal as we knew the business quite intimately.

So this time, when AIRmaker approached us, they were planning to expand their horizon with new offerings, and they wanted this to reflect on their website.

Based on this backdrop, this website project felt more like an evolution than a ground-up redesign.

The scope

This was the second time AIRmaker approached us for a rework on their website. In redesigning AIRmaker's website, the goal was to produce a clean and modern look. The AIRmker team also suggested the use of minimal colours while staying true to the brand identity.

These specific words stood out during our project discovery conversation.




Among other things, they also wanted to

  • Publish problem statement calls
  • Post the latest updates and publicise their events
  • Capture leads
  • Reorganise old pages and take down some outdated ones

The Process


We began the project by creating a mood board. We showed them certain design elements and sample websites to align our ideas with their vision of what constituted a clean and modern look from their pov.

As we had barely 10 days to deliver the project, we also invited AIRmaker to share with us if they had come across any websites or designs that they fancied

Involving the client at the get-go proved to be a great move as this helped us see some designs they had in mind, speed up the process, and gain clarity sooner.

The tight timeline meant that we had to improvise and condense our usual website building process as we had to start building the site soon to meet the stipulated deadline. Because

Done is better than perfect

- Sheryl Sandberg

In this case, this quote holds true.

In the meantime, while discovering design elements, we drew a rough wireframe to get an idea of where each of these can fit or should fit.

the process of airmaker's website wireframe creation
(this is a sample wire frame and not of the project)

Brand Identity

AIRmaker already had its brand identity and guidelines in place. They had their logo, brand colours and preferred fonts in place for us to easily incorporate them into the website.

This was great because we didn't have to think about discovering a suitable brand identity, a project on its own.

AIRmaker brand guidelines
AIRmaker brand guidelines

The Work

Once the wireframe was established and the design elements were more or less in place, we rapidly got to work.

As always, we built the site on WordPress, and we began designing the structure of the site and incorporating various elements needed for the site.

Apart from that, we had some back and forth with AIRmaker to prepare the textual content, photos and images that were needed.

Photos can convey a great deal of information, and they communicate the mood and sentiments of a page, which requires a good deal of attention.

Tip: If you're working on a shoestring budget, sites like Pexels or Pixabay can be a great place to unearth some rare gems.

Then we thoughtfully infused brand details and weaved the website carefully.

Some notable highlights of the build

1. We created a custom post type to showcase problem statements that need to be published. This is the page visitors land on when they click on the call to action button located on the hero section of the home page.

This page showcases current and past problem statements, and visitors can immediately see where they need to look. The past problem statements give an idea of what type of problems they were calling solutions for.

2. We built another custom post type for the latest events and updates by AIRmaker. While this had its own page, we also fed eight of the newest events to the home page, where visitors can see this information prominently.

3. As a means of lead acquisition, we also created an 'always hover' icon that grabs a website visitor's attention. The system that we implemented collects and stores basic lead information at the administration panel for retrieval.


Unlike many agencies out there, we do not use a shared hosting service. All our sites are hosted on Amazon AWS VPS servers, and we specifically select the geography of the server to be physically closer to their primary customers or audience.

In this instance, we hosted AIRmaker's website in an AWS VPS server located in Singapore. This provides super-fast load times.

End of the project, while handing it over, we created a comprehensive user manual and also recorded a video-based guide to show how to update the site's content. If it was not for proprietary information, we could have provided a link for you to see it as well.

Final thoughts

Despite the tight timeline, what made this project considerably easier to embark on was our familiarity with AIRmaker and their business. Hence deadline did not prove to be much of an issue except that we did some overtime work with no additional charges.

At the end of the project and upon fulfilling all the requirements, about 95% of the website was redesigned to reflect the direction AIRmaker was taking as a company.

Our aim, as always, is to make a client happy, just like the satisfaction you get after a super good meal. If you'd like to talk to us about your project, we're all ears.

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