We're a tiny team with a Mammoth sized ambition,

And we Grow when your business Grows

Our Story

Before all that MAMMOTH
ambition, Growth Upward was born out of a necessity, not ours but our client's.

Imagine this- when someone comes to you asking for your know-how when you're not even actively promoting, conventional wisdom says, you got something valuable to offer.

If the market is pulling 'it' from you, that's akin to Product Market Fit. In our case, Service Market Fit. That's how we started offering our services to the ones who needed the most.

Growth Upward
What's in the name?

We like to think ourselves as your business's Growth machine. Because, when your business Grows, you're Growth trajectory sports an Upward trend.

We want to be the one that initiates that Growth process, and put you on that Growth trajectory that's looking Upwards to become bigger, stronger and dominant in the marketplace.


My name is Azeem Mackeen and I'm the founder of Growth Upward. I help set your business's Growth trajectory in an Upward direction using tried and tested marketing strategies. I have a keen interest in Entrepreneurship, Marketing and a bit of Engineering. You can read more on my personal site.

Founder's Open Office

Sometimes you just need to bounce of an idea or get a different perspective about what you do. So every week, I set aside an hour to help anyone who needs that quick advice or an opinion with their marketing strategy.

Why not get on a 30 minute call with me to hash it out? Best of all I do it for gratis.
2.30 PM  (SGT)
via Zoom
Growth Upward | GU.